An exercise in creative transparency – “Cut Loose” part 1

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I have a terrible habit of trying to do too much at once. Right now is a good example of that. Musically I have the Polaroids EP coming out next month which I have to sort artwork for, an intense enough schedule of rehearsals for my first show with a full band in Grand Social at the end of the month, a backlog of micro-songs and videos to hammer out, a trip to Copenhagen this week for an Artist collaboration, a number of ghost-writing briefs to tackle and a trip to Sicily on the weekend.

I am also in the midst of starting a new job for a Tech company and am wrapping my head around that.

So when I looked at this time in my calendar last month somehow it made sense for me to book studio time to record vocals for a song I want to release after the Polaroids EP comes out. This song will be called “Cut Loose”. What I want to do with this song is document the process from writing, demo recording, vocal recording, mixing and mastering. Hence the title of this article: “An exercise in creative transparency”

My motivation for documenting the process of the track from concept to finished recording is two-fold.

1) By writing about it I hope to develop a deeper understanding of my own creative process. I’ve been writing songs since I was a kid and often times I have no idea how or why I do it beyond it being a compulsion of sorts.

2) Create a window for anyone who may be interested to have a voyeuristic peek into the workings of my brain when it comes to writing music.

“Cut Loose” is not going to be a song with a traditional structure. While I am immensely proud of all the tracks that will be released on the forthcoming Polaroids EP I feel that they are a little conservative at times in terms of making a statement. “Cut Loose” will be a statement song.

At the moment what I have is a poorly recorded half of a demo which I have created at home and some scrappily written lyrics.

Do not play the below on full on your headphones. It has a dodgy mastering plug-in on it and will be too loud. The lyrics on the recording do say “Get Loose” but I will be changing that.



See lyrics below. This is where I’m at with the tune today. Part 2 will delve a little deeper into the concept of the song.

Right now I need to finish the writing it!


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