Wish You Well – Studio Day 2

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What’s the Story

Down in Whitewell Studios in Cork with producer Ciaran O’Shea. Round about half way through day 2 of recording a single. He’s tinkering away with the synths so I thought I’d take the opportunity to write a cheeky blog post. First one in ages.

The track is called Wish You Well and it has featured previously on my self produced EP Doe Eyed WhiteBoy Soul. It was written about two years ago and since then I have gigged the living bejaysus out of it. Always seem to work well – one time in particular in the Spirit Store in Dundalk the whole audience sang the backing vocal hook back to me! To this day that gig still stands out as one of the best gigs I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing.

The approach we’re taking to it this time is a lot different and is much more synth driven with a sprinkling of verby guitars thrown in for good measure.

Below is a sample of the lyrics.

“You gave me truth but I couldn’t take it. On the tip of my tongue couldn’t taste it. Mr.Vacant loves Ms.Placing. It’s good for me. I guess I never planned to let you go. Heart in hand I stand to miss you so. Still I wish you well.”


What’s the song about? I’m a firm believer that songs can have a hundred meanings. Each listener brings a different set of experiences and thoughts to the piece and so in my opinion the meaning of a song can never be a fixed entity, it’s always shifting and transient in nature.

Right now the song is about how sometimes things end and that’s ok. Nothing is forever and all things must pass. Be cool about it. That’s what the song means to me. Today anyway.

Over and out.


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