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Micro Song
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Back in February I released my first big shiny single and video “Burn Baby Burn” – for the most part it was well received racking up 30,000 odd views on Facebook. Many people said to me “30,000 views! You must be happy?” – while I was delighted to release it and get good reviews from lots of blogs – when I looked a little deeper at the metrics I had an epiphany of sorts.

Video Views are a Vanity Figure. They mean fuck all.

Video views are a figure labels and A&R heads will look at as indicator of an artists “invest-ability” – but when you dive deeper what really matters is the quality of the view rather than the quantity. Thanks to Facebook insights I have refined my approach to creating music video content for social media platforms.

Essentially when I looked at the sound on/sound off views for the aforementioned 30,000 views my heart sank. The majority of them were sound off and whats more most people watched until the 30 second mark then peaked out. The song was 3 minutes long.

Cue the birth of the Micro Song. The Micro Song is built bespoke for the channel of dissemination. It is 30 seconds in length and uses text creatively to ensure that even if the sound isn’t turned on – the lyrics are delivered. See an example below.

Micro-Songs are something I will continue to seed out as the reaction thus far has been good. I will still release full-length songs too.

Adaptability is key to success.

Big Love.


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