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Following “Different Hats” “Slow Down” is the 2nd #MicroSong I have made in 2017. The purpose of the #MicroSong project is to match visuals with music to make a statement about truth, either subjective or objective within a timeframe of roughly 20-45 seconds. While I still have plans to release full length singles this year, currently I am enjoying making these Microsongs and collaborating with different people on each audiovisual snippet.

We shot the video for this around Grand Canal Dock which is near where I live in Dublin. My friend Janika Seppala is a model for Dublin based agency Assets and was sound enough to hang out for the day with a keytar making images for the video.

A few years ago I spent a bit over a year working for a Creative Agency in New York. My gig was to make videos around all the fashion shows for various multinational cosmetic companies. It was a sweet job for a young Irish guy to have! Making this video was a throwback to that time for sure. Janika is a pro and very easy to work with and I’m happy how the vid turned out.

A few people have asked me how I made it. SmartPhone technology has gotten to the point that you can shoot this type of thing on an iPhone. You don’t need super expensive equipment to produce something polished. The idea is king. Once the concept is nailed down, which in this case meant matching the lyrics to the use of different speeds of footage to emphasise the refrain “Slow Down” then all is good to go.

Lyrically the tune for me is about the importance of taking stock of where you are in life and trying to avoid getting caught up in the mundane,everyday and material. Something I find to be a game of cat and mouse in my own experience of the world.


Slow down. Always in a hurry, we were born too soon. 

Slow down, chopping up cheap speed spinning dubstep tunes. 

Slow down, accumulating with little patience. 

Slow down. Stop. Smell the roses. Be the one who blooms. 

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