#MicroSong no.3 – Stronger


2016 was a sweet year. I was lucky enough to do a fair amount of travelling visiting South America, Vancouver and Seattle over the course of the 12 months. The year wasn’t without its challenges and after my trip to Canada in August of last I found myself humming the lyrics below to a sweet little melody.

I’m going home feeling stronger. Stronger than I was yesterday. I’m going home feeling stronger. Stronger because I’ve been away.

There are a number of old adages regards travel. People say it broadens the mind! the benefits I find from it are that it enables you to jump out of the trenches of your life for a set time frame and gain a different perspective on your own situation. That’s what led me to write this #MicroSong.

Regards the production of the piece I utilised an orchestral drum kit sample pack to get a soft flowing beat, there is also some 808 snare hits in their for a more solid back beat. Piano has always been a love of mine so that is sprinkled sparingly. Vocal wise I sidechained the backing harmonies to tie in a little more electronic nuance.

Shooting the video took place last weekend when it was absolutely pissing rain. I took the dart to booterstown and back and just shot whatever I encountered on the way.

Check it out below:

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