#MicroSong Project: Collaborators Wanted

#microsong project
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What is it? 

The #Microsong project is something I started doing last year. The premise is simple: Make a song that is 30 seconds long. A short piece of music and lyrics that sums up whatever the artist wants to express in that moment in time. For me they serve as musical snapshots. In 2017 I am broadening out the scope of the project to collaborate with other creatives.

How do you get involved? 

Each #MicroSong will be released with a visual as well as music. As such I am open to collaborate with writers,filmmakers, designers, motion graphic artists, actors and models as well as other musicians. I just want to create cool little musical nuggets that are the result of people from different backgrounds and disciplines coming together to make 30 second buzzy little pieces.

If this is something you would like to get involved with go to the contact page of my website and send me links to your reel, pictures, music or whatever you feel is of indicative of what you want to bring to the project. Apologies if I don’t reply straight away but I will try my best to get back to everyone.

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Below is an example of what a #MicroSong is:


#microsong project

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