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I’ve had this idea for a song for a while. Remember Mixtapes? When you’d make a mix of songs for a friend or squeeze so you could share the music you were vibing to with them.

I first became a serious fan of music in between the CD and Cassette era – one of the first albums I bought was a cassette of “What’s the Story Morning Glory?” by Oasis. Solid album. Cassettes were the shit. MP3s are soulless. Spotify is great but I do miss the culture of the 90’s were more people were collector’s of physical music in CD or Tape form. I welcome the Vinyl resurgence from that perspective.


Heres the lyrics from the teaser.

I Think she’s making me a mixtape. Chosen from her own taste. The music that she loves. Mix a little hip-hop, kicking jams that won’t stop from 1992. Think she’s going off the deep end, thinking that we’re still friends after all that we’ve been through. Still I’ll listen to the mixtape with Beastie Boys & Black Grape, if she knows me well.

Black Grape if anyones wondering were Shaun Ryder’s post Happy Mondays band. Check them out.


I’m still working on the verses and demo production  on Mixtape but it’s sparked a wave of 90’s nostalgia in me. Maybe there’s a concept album in there somewhere? Possible song titles could be:

Push Pops 

Big Breakfast 

BritPop & The Spice Girls Stole My Mind 

The potential really is endless…..


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