Burn Baby Burn – Video Shoot

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Video Killed the Radio Star

July marked a bit of  milestone for me in terms of music. Was dead lucky to collaborate with the talented Director Darren Lee of Belfast based Maverick Productions to shoot a video for my single “Burn Baby Burn”

The song goes back to 2013 when I first released a homemade version of it which got some airplay on national radio. Since then I have re-worked the track with producer Ciaran O’Shea into a Talking Heads inspired piece of left field pop. Burn Baby Burn is about the incendiary fleeting nature of intense romantic relationships.

LCD Soundsystem have been a big influence on me over the past few years. The way they blend the punk aestethic with a post-dance blend of synthesisers and percussive beats is something I have attempted to emulate on my own home recordings. Both LCD and Talking heads were strong reference points going into the studio on this track.

Blaze It Up

Fire is a common lyrical reference point for me and with the lyrics in this tune I pushed that to it’s zenith. At gigs people always ask me if it’s about the dating app Tinder. The tune actually pre-dates the App but the lyrics are still somewhat metaphorically aligned with the digital age of romance that we are in.

“Throw out your polaroids no need to look back. I put all my faith in your digital snaps. I need to move past it. I find it quite plastic. Still stuck in the static. Playing with matches”

The challenge with the video was to get the intensity and somewhat manic nature of the song across. As most other independent musicians can attest to – limited resources and budgets are always a consideration without major label bucks to rope in the tigers and expensive fur coats that your music invariably demands.

My hat goes off Darren as with with the aid of some talented dancers, a empty studio space and a mix of different instruments for me to play the track on he turned out a top quality video that does justice to the track.

Below are some still’s from the video. Releasing this in February 2016 so keep your eyes peeled for it.


video2Video blog 1Untitled-3

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